Our Office Warmly Welcomes you!

Believe it or not, there has never been a more exciting time to get braces.

Due to huge advance in technology, things aren’t like they used to be…very few extractions, no headgear, no bulky banded braces, no expanders in most cases, and a lot more comfortable and faster orthodontic treatment.

Aesthetic Orthodontic options such as Invisalign® and Invisible Lingual Braces, have also changed the game for Adults looking to perfect their smiles. Today, about half of my practice is comprised of adult patients, but we LOVE treating children and teens.

My background in research has caused me to think differently about the orthodontic treatment. Much more holistically. It’s allowed me to handpick the techniques and materials that are scientifically proven to create the fastest, safest, and most precise results for our patients.

I’ve been in private practice here in Snider Plaza for nearly two decades and it’s an honor to see families bring all their kids in for braces, then to see the kids go off to college, get married and eventually brings their own kids in to see us.

We also have patients who travel from out of town and even internationally every month to see us for braces. I like to think that they recognize that what we are committed to providing here at Cope Orthodontics is at a superior level of quality and care.

I believe our patients love it here because we love what we do.

Thank you for being here and trusting us with your smile,


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