A Passion for Creating Beautiful and Healthy Smiles

As an orthodontist, it’s rewarding to watch each of my patients blossom, and gain self-confidence as their smile improves. Many patients begin care ashamed to smile and uncomfortable with their appearance. As they begin to see their teeth shift into correct alignment, and the change that makes in their smile, they become more comfortable with themselves. I’m thrilled when they start smiling and laughing with my team and me.

I love the relationships I’ve developed with patients and their families. In many ways, they have become part of my own family. I am honored to be entrusted with a person’s treasured smile, and take that responsibility seriously.

I take pride in maintaining a connection with my patients. I make care calls after the initial bonding appointment and if there’s been a challenging procedure; I want to make sure my patient is okay. I love updating patients and parents on the progress we’re making, too.


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